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Santa Baby, He's Baby, Santa is a Baby: A 2019 Secret Santa Gift Guide

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Hello Secret Santa!

This post is specifically for you!

First off, sorry I’m a couple days late! I hope it didn’t stress you out! But here we are!!!


So I usually just say that I am a huge nerd who appreciates game-related or Japan-related stuff a lot (but am not huge into anime) and ALSO my son Makoto is 5 years old and loves whales, sharks, planes, trains, dinosaurs... you know how it is.

BUT if you want some specific options here are some ideas!

1.) Pretty much anything to do with whales. My son Makoto is obsessed with whales. And sharks, but mostly whales. We’re talking like... toys, plushies, stickers, whatever else.


2.) Cutie Pokemon and Monster Hunter stuff! Both Mack and I love these two series and Mack is into little stuffies of them (he has a stuffed Lapras Ditto, Raichu, Victini, and a stuffed Kulve Taroth from Monster Hunter). Especially easy for Pokemon I think?

3.) The Meowscular Chef shirt from Fangamer because he’s the best! (Well actually he’s second best after Obaa-nyan, but that’s neither here nor there.) Shirt size is LARGE AND IN CHARGE.


4.) Wishlist stuff!

Our Steam name is “Patchingko” and the list is here, I just checked it to make sure it’s all stuff we’d want:


5.) An 11x17 of THE LONG BRIDGE or FIRE EMBLEM BLACK EAGLES or YAKUZA ZERO or NIER AUTOMATA from Crowsmack! You know, if you wanna be arty and adult and I literally have a frame here for it already...!



You’ll do great, we have complete faith in you, Secret Santa Baby.


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