Recently, I shared an Amiibo Storage Solution on Reddit and Imgur, and it received positive responses from other amiibo collectors, so I thought I would share it here for anyone else who is looking for a way to store amiibo safely.

Of course, one of the things a lot of us want to do with our amiibo collection is show it off in a nice display. But if you’re like me, your life may not be compatible with a display of the entirety of your ever-expanding collection of amiibo.


I therefore went searching for a way to safely store the amiibo I’m not currently keeping out, and one that would allow me to transport them safely without worrying about damage. I initially looked at Battlefoam, a company that makes military-grade cases lined with foam for transporting wargaming miniatures. This seemed like a great idea at first, but those cases are very expensive and amiibo are substantially larger than miniatures.

After brainstorming alternatives to expensive pluck foam cases, I came up with a new solution: Christmas ornament storage containers!

An amiibo hotel

This particular storage container has three separate layers that lock together to make a cube with a handle on top. It comes with cardboard dividers and slots to hold them built into the sides. I used shredded undyed paper as a bedding to cushion the amiibo.

The 4x4 configuration fits small amiibo perfectly.

These ornament boxes have a 4x4 and a 3x3 format depending on how your put together the dividers. The 4x4 format can fit small amiibo and you can fit 16 in each layer.

The 4x4 compartment is almost exactly the same size as the Mario amiibo.

You can see how the cushioning allows amiibo to sit comfortably in the individual compartments, but also protects them from bumping around when you move the case.

Big amiibo fit in the 3x3 compartments.

Fortunately, amiibo seem to come in two sizes that fit almost perfectly in the two compartment sizes possible in these boxes. The large amiibo generally fit well in the 3x3 compartments.

Shulk is really feeling it next to Charizard!

It’s not always a perfect fit unless you turn some of the amiibo diagonal. It’s not the perfect format for displaying the amiibo, but it does keep them safe!

Lady Palutena is the tallest and Dark Pit is the widest of the Smash Bros amiibo, and they both fit in the 3x3 compartments!

Lady Palutena is one of if not the largest amiibo, and she fits in a 3x3 compartment. The 30th Anniversary Mario figures fit as well!

Chibi-Robo is totally skeeving on Wii Fit Trainer. C’mon Chibi-Robo. Have some class.

So far, the only Amiibo I’ve found that won’t fit in this container is Mega Yarn Yoshi. Here you can see Yoshi from the Super Mario collection, the Shovel Knight amiibo, and the Chibi-Robo amiibo fitting in the 3x3 compartments. Also, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, and King Dedede are some of the largest of the Smash Bros. collection, and they all fit!

It’s like Hollywood Squares for amiibo.

All of the Mr. Game and Watch alternate stances can be fit like so by saving the plastic container that it came with and placing it on top of the cardboard dividers. If you don’t have the plastic container, you can also stack them underneath the Mr. Game and Watch amiibo itself.

Yarn Yoshis come with their own built-in padding.

You can see in this final picture how the Yarn Yoshi amiibo can fit in the case. They are just the right size to fit in the 4x4 compartments, but only without the shredded paper cushioning, and only in this orientation. Obviously, the Animal Crossing amiibo fit as well, and though I didn’t show them here, the Splatoon ones fit too!


If you’re interested in doing this for your own collection, here are the items I used:

1.) Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Square Layer Seasonal Ornament Storage Container, 13 by 13-Inch -http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00…


2.) Natural Tan Kraft Crinkle Shred Gift Basket Shred Crinkle Paper Filler Bedding -http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

(You’ll need at least two packages of this bedding per container.)

If you have any comments, questions, or snide remarks about my mental state, please do leave them below!


This was originally posted by me to Imgur and Reddit’s amiibo community.

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