Amiibo Deal Blip: Entire AC Amiibo Wave 2 for less than $8 per Figure (US stores/online)

This is at Toys R’ Us and online at toysrus.com. If you’ve been thinking of buying the four figures from the latest AC amiibo wave, they’re available today at Toys R Us with stacking discounts. The figures themselves are marked down to $9.79 (from $13.99), plus there’s a buy-one/get-one 50% off on all amiibo, plus there’s free economy shipping on all orders over $19.

If you buy all four amiibo from the latest wave, you get them for around $30. You can also mix and match with other amiibo (and other toys including Skylanders, Disney Infinity figures, and more) to get the BOGO50.




Mr. Resetti


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